3 Years and Number 350

My first post on the Grandpa Richard Speaks blog was on January 12, 2006, just a couple days shy of 3 years ago.

And this is post # 350, a bit of a milestone.

Do any people actually read these? Who knows. I know my family, friends, and co-workers will if I bug them!

I read my first 2 posts a minute ago, and laughed. Not at the absurdity, but at the truth.

See if you agree. Scroll down just a little bit and on the right of the screen you will see “January 2006”. Click on that link and read the two posts. I am pretty sure that you will find them at least a little bit funny.

Anyhow, tomorrow or the next day I should be typing # 351, on the road to # 400, and then # 500. Will I make # 1,000? Keep visiting and see if I do.

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