Another Taser Death

A 36 year-old man died in custody in Simcoe, Ontario, after he was tasered by police following a confrontation.

On Monday morning, Provincial police responded to a report of an “unwanted male” causing a disturbance in an area just east of Turkey Point. The man was “combative” and was tasered. He was taken into custody and transported to the Simcoe provincial police detachment. He collapsed upon arrival and later died at Norfolk General Hospital.

Obviously we will wait for a full investigation, but I know for a fact that if someone is on certain drugs they can have an almost superhuman strength and become difficult for police to control or apprehend. Yes, tasers have a deadly effect in a small number of circumstances. Traditional physical means of restraint have also led to deaths in a small number of situations. The difference is that use of a taser has NOT led to the death or serious injury of a police officer, but having to physically restrain someone has.