Are You A Distracted Driver?

According to news reports (for example here) traffic accidents in some countries fell dramatically last week. Police suspect it is because Blackberry phones were not working, and thus there were less distracted drivers on the road. (mind you, some found other ways to be distracted, like this musician)

Here in Ontario, police suspect that mobile phone usage was a factor in two of six fatalities early in September.

Please re-read that last sentence. Two of six FATALITIES.

Because of drivers who could not wait to read that latest text that arrived, 2 people are dead!

I will admit. It is VERY tempting. However, if it is that important, I pull off the road, stop, and then read. Or wait until I get to my destination.

Please, don’t text and drive.

Miley @ Train from UB to Sainshand/Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Creative Commons License photo credit: polytikus

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I remember trying it once, the texting while driving thing. I was running late and wanted to let the person I was meeting know how much longer I would be. It was HARD!! I do not know how anyone does that on a regular basis. I know I will never do it again. It was downright scary. There was no way I could text and keep my eyes on the road. I looked up at one point and I was in the next lane with no recollection of how I got there. Talking on the phone while driving is far less distracting but I don’t even do that.