Bisphenol A and Sex Toys

Regular readers know that I have written about bisphenol A a number of times, the most recent being here. Its use in food containers has been linked to health issues in humans. Happily, a number of governments have banned its use in materials that are used to create food containers and similar items.

Two sisters that are involved in the Sex Toy industry are urging society to stop using this dangerous chemical in items sold in stores like theirs. Kim and Amy have stopped selling them; the products in their store use safer ingredients.

According to the Globe and Mail article on this topic:

The issue is over plastics such as bisphenol A, a controversial chemical in Canada, and phthalates, used to make plastic soft and flexible. Dozens of studies have shown the chemicals may cause hormonal complications at certain levels of exposure, yet both are common in sex toys, which are classified as “novelty” items in Canada and are therefore removed from almost all oversight.

Amy and Kim contacted a Government MP, Carolyn Bennett, who is also a doctor. Dr. Bennett, in turn, contacted the Minister of Health, Leona Aglukkaq.

We will be watching this one to see where it goes.

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