Buying a Car

I was never a big fan of car ownership. Did not even get my driver’s license until I was 19. Owned my first vehicle at 25.

One unfortunate fact of modern life when you do not buy in (pun happily intended) to car ownership, is that insurance companies penalize you for the non-continuous service. Hence, though I get no-accident discounts, and senior’s discounts, I still tend to pay closer to $200 a month than $100.

Here at am at the ripe young age of 66 considering the idea of purchasing a vehicle. It would aid me in my family visits (they are not anywhere close to bus routes) and my main hobby (nature; hiking and photography). Every time I rent I am horrified at the cost. Without specials it costs me about $100 for a full 2 day weekend rental. This coming weekend’s special rate brings it down to Under $80.

Yet, logically, that is a good deal for my life style. I am currently working a short term contract (saving to buy a car!!!) and so really only have time for car use on the weekends. If I get a new, or close to new, car (I love warranties and relative reliability) using 100% financing for a lease, I am looking at $160 a month for the car, $150 for insurance (though probably higher for first several years – see above) and though I have no idea on costs, I will throw out another $100 for oil changes and quarterly maintenance. That is $410 a month.

That $410 will afford me a weekend rental almost every weekend, which I would never do, based on my lifestyle.

Logic aside, I still cringe when I have to fork over $100 to rent for the weekend.

Oh the folly that is human thinking.

And that is what Grandpa Richard Speaks today.

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