Canadian Real Estate Industry Likely To Change

I have personally always considered the % of sale pricing used to sell houses as being unfair to me as a consumer. In my case, I have sold every house I owned without the help of an agent. I determined pricing by either paying for an appraisal, or if possible, doing my own appraisal based on neighbouring houses that were on the market at the same time. I figure that I have saved thousands of dollars, and the red tape was not as bad as you are sometimes led to believe.

To be fair, I need to tell you that I always used an agent to buy a house! I know, double standard!!! I appreciated the fact that I had the choice.

I am a supporter of the a-la-carte system that many propose. If I just want an agent to do the listing, and I’ll handle the showings, then my costs should go down.

After 50 years of strong armed monopoly, the local MLS systems may be changing to an a-la-carte ability.

For the details, I suggest you read the item in the Globe and Mail. Then return here and leave a comment.


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