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Are Your Car’s Back Lights On?

I was driving after dark late last week and a car with no rear lights on passed me. What!!! According to this article in the Toronto Star, this is becoming a common occurrence. People think they have lights on, but its just their daylight running lights (DRL), and on most car models, that means no […]

Are You A Distracted Driver?

According to news reports (for example here) traffic accidents in some countries fell dramatically last week. Police suspect it is because Blackberry phones were not working, and thus there were less distracted drivers on the road. (mind you, some found other ways to be distracted, like this musician) Here in Ontario, police suspect that mobile […]

Security Begins With You

Are your online passwords all the same? Are they simple 4 character ones? Are they your pet’s name, or another loved one’s name? Bad, bad, bad! As explained in this article @ The Star, Hackers are everywhere these days, and they would love to get access to your accounts. Do not make it easy for […]

Do Not Grocery Shop When Hungry

Else you may find your brain dreaming up unique ways of eating things that are really meant to be eaten after you get home and have access to utensils and plates.

Children Need To Wear Sunglasses!

UV indexes will be higher than average this summer. That means you need to use sunscreen properly, and wear your sunglasses. Also, make sure your children wear sunglasses. During my last checkup, my optometrist blasted me a bit when he found out that I seldom wear sunglasses. I was told it is one of the […]

Gift Card Rip Off

photo credit: mueritz Ever had a gift card’s balance go to $0.00 without you using the card? Blame it on some creative thief. A thief finds a display of cards and writes down the number from the back of the card. Then, everyday the thief phones the tool free number and checks on the card’s […]

Winter Safety

I was saddened to hear of a death on our roadways today. A preventable death. Whiteout conditions caused a multi-car pileup near Orillia just before noon today. There was one death and a number of injuries. The individual who died got out of their car and was struck by another vehicle. Drive Safe. It is […]