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What? A Movie About Me?

Well, sort of, but not quite. I had a movie made today. Of my colon! Doesn’t that sound like something to watch over a plate of the awesome chicken stew I made yesterday? Here is how it went down. I am a typical bad boy, having not had a complete physical done by a doctor […]

Men and Doctors

I do not know if it has ever been scientifically proven, but it seems that men go to their doctor much less consistently than women. Grandpa Richard is no exception. I am not sure, but I think my last complete physical was about 5 years ago. Considering that men over 50 should be doing that […]

What Do Grandpas Do On Weekends?

When they are not visiting their grandchildren, that is. Well, playing with computers, writing for blogs, shopping, laundry, walking, cycling, going to social events or out on dates, and … … in some cases taking in strange events. Events like the annual Zombie Walk here in Toronto. I am not a fan of Zombie movies, […]

That Took a While

This weekend has seen me do something that I have not done in, quite literally, decades. In fact, make that 2 somethings. First. On Saturday night I went to a progressive Euchre meet up. I do not think that I have played that much euchre since grade 13. We used to play every lunch at […]

technology is great when it works

When it comes to computer health, I have been blessed over the years. That blessing ended last Friday. My primary “used mainly for internet” computer had started to have problems powering up early last week. It crashed / died on Friday. I really thought it was the power supply, so I replaced it. Nope. Now […]

Digital Cameras and Pregnancy

It took a while, but low priced digital cameras have really gotten up to speed now. So many people are taking photos. Whether from camera phones, or small point-and-shoots, or fancier digital SLRs. Cameras are everywhere. The same is starting to happen with video. Most (all?) newer cameras can also take video, and YouTube is […]

heat and humidity have me wordless

Sorry. I am not very inspired these days. I think it is the high humidity and heat levels. (and no air conditioning in my suite)