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Fright Night

It is Halloween in 2 days, and I read a post on another site that inspired this post. This was inspired by prompt #3 in this post over at Mama Kat’s. Go check it out!! (I found Mama Kat’s via my daughter’s post) I think I was still pre-school age. I had seen some scary […]

Duh! And to think that I’m a Computer Pro

I own a Samsung Galaxy S smart phone. I love it. I use it as a phone, text messenger, email send/receive, web surfing, photo and video display, alarm, calendar, and more. I do a little photo and video work on the side, and have used my phone to show potential clients samples of my work. […]

Life Can Be A Maze

Do you ever get lost in the maze of life? One couple, and their 3 week old, got lost in a real maze. One built in a corn field. They got started late in the afternoon, and when darkness started to fall they had not found their way out. (sidenote: can’t you just use the […]

Boys and Their Toys

I may be a grandpa, but there is still a little boy somewhere deep inside me. And that little boy likes toys!!! I do not have any remote control (RC) toys right now. I have been thinking about a RC helicopter. So much more than a standard RC car. But these take the cake. Remote […]

The Most Expensive Book on Amazon

Would you believe $23M ??? For a number of days, 2 book sellers were trying to sell a book about Flies (Peter Lawrence’s The Making of a Fly) for over $1M per book. It seemed ridiculous as it was not a book in high demand, and slightly used versions were selling for $35. This blogger […]

What To Get Them For Their Birthday

Now that I am in a relationship again, back comes one of the perennial questions – what do i get her for her birthday? When I was younger (much younger) I could get a new small appliance, or something else meant to save the love of my life time or energy and she loved it. […]

Happy or Sad?

Should I be happy or sad? I just looked at my online bank statement. The first one since I turned 60 in February.