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is a serious injury enough of a penalty?

If you commit a crime, and during the commission of that crime cause yourself a serious injury, can that be enough of a penalty? That is the question I ask myself in this case. Accused in York Region officer’s death granted bail Garrett Styles, 32, died in the line of duty last June. The teenager […]

is the great one having kid challenges?

Wayne Gretzky grew up in Brantford, not far from my post high school home. But, by the time Wayne started playing hockey, I had lost interest in the sport, due mainly to there being too many teams. By some accounts, it seems that Wayne is having some challenges with his eldest daughter, Paulina. She is […]

A Healthy Lifestyle

I am a big believer in living a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, fresh air, water, good food. Thus, I found it a bit depressing to read the following. A whale swims all day, only eats fish, drinks plenty of water, and yet look at all that blubber! A rabbit runs and hops around a lot, eats […]

Play Ball!

The Church bulletin on Sunday mentioned openings on a men’s slow-pitch team. One of those “mainly for fun” leagues. That is the way I like it. I feel pretty energetic and young, but the facts are that my 60th birthday is in the rear view mirror, and I should probably be careful. 11 years ago […]

No School, No Car, No Consumerism

Did the post title catch your attention? This is back to the minimalism topic from a week or two ago. Another interesting post today from Everett Bogue. His is, in turn, based on one by Leo Babauta. To quote Leo … We’ve gotten fat, tired, sick, deep in debt, disconnected from our kids and other […]


Thanks to Cass and Gerry and Barb, I had a great weekend. Great to have awesome friends that you can laugh with. Great to have a special friend that you can go for walks with and share thoughts with. Oh, and I don’t care what critics say (and you might be one of them) I […]

It’s Just A Clock

I have an old Crayola brand clock. An old style one with a minute hand and an hour hand. The hands are shaped like crayons. Uses an AA battery. Why do I have it, and not one of the kids? They got too old for it! I know, I am a grandpa and grandpas are […]