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stop playing basketball

Modern society has watched as children spent more and more time playing video games, and less and less time playing sports. When I was growing up in St. Catharines we were outside most of every nice day. In the summer it was mainly baseball in an unused farmer’s field or kick-the-can on the small side […]

That’s One Small Step for Man

If you are old enough to remember, where were you, and what were you doing, when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon’s surface on July 20, 1969? Neil died yesterday at age 82 following cardiovascular issues. His home in recent years had been Cincinnati. A favourite quote of mine from Armstrong was this one. […]

Do You Use a GPS When Driving?

Do you use a GPS when driving? If so, do not do what this man did. After driving off a ferry in Alaska, an unnamed man drove his car down a boat launch and ended up in water deep enough to submerge the car. With the help of a man who witnessed the incident, the […]

Canada’s First Urban Park

Grandpa Richard loves hiking. I do not do it as much as I would like to, but I enjoy taking my camera and getting out on a trail. In both Hamilton and Toronto we are blessed with great places to go hiking. Hamilton has its portion of the Bruce Trail and Toronto has trails along […]

Reptiles Love The Sun

I think that most (all?) reptiles are cold- blooded, meaning that they love to sun tan. The weather here in Toronto has been great for that lately, so finding a sunning reptile should not be much of a surprise. Right! A family here in the Toronto area was just a bit surprised when they found […]

xxx domains – good or bad

Ouch! Grandpa Richard talking about tripe X rated topics? There is a new domain naming type available, dot xxx. What does that mean? Look at my domain name. Nicknamed a “dot com” domain name. How about The idea is to get all the porn operators to move to dot xxx so that it […]

paulina gretzky

I want to avoid being like a tabloid, but the fact is that Paulina’s twitter account is back online. Paulina Gretzky is Back on Twitter, and Tweets – ‘Don’t tell Dad’ By Drishya Nair | December 1, 2011 6:43 AM EST Paulina Gretzky, whose Twitter account deletion made headlines in the last few days, is […]