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Humans tend to avoid negative facts about things they cannot see. “Out of sight, out of mind” is a common English saying. And along comes Infrastructure. We bury pipes that deliver water to our homes, and remove waste material from our washrooms, our kitchen sinks, and our laundry rooms. How often do you think about […]

Politicians and Big Business – Nice and Cozy

According to this article in The Star, “Few noticed last year when RBC’s Nixon was entrusted with the keys to Ontario’s economic future by then-premier Dalton McGuinty. Lavishing praise upon this lavishly paid banker — $12.6 million last year — McGuinty described him as the perfect fit to head the new Jobs and Prosperity Council […]

The Royal Bank Issue

See the story in the Star about the Royal Bank style outsourcing from an agency’s viewpoint. Don’t ask the government to do anything about this. They already use some of the same techniques. How can they point a finger at corporations when they are on the same path. I don’t know of any cases of […]

Tax Evasion or Tax Avoidance

We all know that the world’s financial systems are not working well. Entire countries are having trouble, with Greece being the best example. What was not surprising to me was this article in The Toronto Star about how the rich avoid taxes. I want to refer you to one simple example from that article. Google. […]


Entitlement : belief that one is deserving of, or entitled to, certain privileges. As a grandpa I have seen 6 decades of life, and for over 4 of those decades I have read, listened to, and watched the news. Unfortunately, a recurring theme that I have seen is one that I attribute to entitlement. Many […]

Will Canadians Work?

I have mixed feelings about unions. I believe that many workers in Canada need some basic protections that unions provide against employers who want to take advantage of workers. I believe our governments never picked up the ball on some issues, and so unions took up the slack. Good. On the other hand, I think […]

Can Society Force A Man To Touch A Woman?

Canada has become a very diverse society, with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. In some cases, the beliefs of those people clash. What does society do when that clash involves two competing rights? A very good example of this involves a barber and a woman. The woman wants a hairstyle that most of […]