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man vs. nature

The area that I live in has experienced some wicked thunderstorms today and I have heard that there were possible tornadoes in my daughter’s part of the region. As I watched the worst of this evening’s storm from my 11th floor apartment, I was reminded that despite all the fancy technology that mankind has invented, […]

summer without mosquitoes

The way most of us achieve the results mentioned in the title is to use a repellent containing DEET. Now comes news that DEET is not safe for humans. As if this is surprising. We humans are great at using chemicals to solve problems and the chemicals are rarely good for us. Do you really […]

100 geeky places to take your kids

Now here is a list that Grandpa Richard can get into. 100 Geeky Places to Bring Your Kids This Summer

High Speed Digital cameras

Want to watch a hummingbird in super slow motion? Likewise, a bumble bee? Use a special high speed digital camera. Here is a cool article about these new cameras, and how they are used in scientific and industrial situations. Includes a 3 minute movie of a hummingbird eating from a feeder. Click here.

You are mainly Bacteria

There are more bacteria on or in the human body than there are cells in your body. In fact, 10 times more. Interesting 18 minute video on TED that discusses how bacteria “talk” to each other. The goal of science is to learn how to block that talk, so that bacteria cannot cause virus based […]