Cell Phone Cameras and Social Media

I am wondering how long before people wake up to the new realities. Now that millions of Canadians are walking around with cell phones that can take photos and even video, being bad in public is becoming dangerous.

Take the recent riots in Vancouver after the final game of the Stanley Cup. People were actually looting stores right in front of camera pointing cell phone users. The police have obtained a lot of those photos and videos. If you looted, you’ll be getting a knock on your door soon.

In at least one case, someone has been fired from their job after a short video of them looting was posted.

In another example, an athlete that had an endorsement deal with a company had that endorsement cancelled after photos of them in the riot (wearing the advertiser’s brand) were posted.

One athlete was suspended from their sport’s national team.

Isn’t it interesting how little foresight we humans sometimes have. And boy does it ever hurt afterwards.

For more examples of people being fired for their part in the riot, see The Star’s article.

Creative Commons License photo credit: rommy ghaly

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  1. Steph says:

    I was shaking my head over the stupidity of people when looking through photos the day after the riots!