Cellphone firms ordered to fix 911 system

Quoting the Globe and Mail (which is one of the major reasons this thing moved forward) “Canada’s telecom regulator will force the cellphone industry to upgrade the country’s 911 system, which has fallen behind other parts of the world and may be contributing to deaths involving wireless calls for help.

Government officials said they would impose a February, 2010, deadline to install the necessary equipment to give 911 dispatchers the ability to locate cellular calls in an emergency.”

What is still up in the air are the financing aspects. This writer sees no problem with financing. If the G&M is even close to accuracy on the 911 fee situation, then the cell phone companies MUST pay the bill.

Here are comments that I sent to Mr. Tony Clement (Minister of Industry) this morning.

I am happy to see that the problem with our 911 system is finally being dealt with. Kudos to the Globe and Mail for pushing this forward.

The only issue left, according to the Globe’s article this morning, is the financing.

I quote the Globe and Mail’s article … “The industry wants public money used, while dispatchers argue the telecom sector should be forced to dip into the 911 fees it collects from consumers, which in some cases are retained as surplus revenues by the phone companies.”

The industry has been OVER CHARGING us for years on 911 fees. I see no possible reason for me to have to pay for this thing twice. Please ensure that the phone industry is brought to account for use of the 911 fees they collect, and if the Globe was correct, then the industry can pay. In fact MUST pay.

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