Childhood Obesity

Is it the tube, or video games, or less phys ed in school, or a myriad of other differences between my generation and my grandchildren’s generation? Well, I suppose we could try to figure out why. Knowing the cause certainly helps.

In the meantime, what is your child’s diet like? Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables? Or, how about their physical activity? Do they get lots of fresh air and sunshine?

Here is a short 30 second spot from the Ad Council that touches on both good food and outdoor activity. And it definitely has the Grandpa angle covered. (you may have to click on the ad more than once to get it going – kinda reminds me of grandpa in the morning)

(p.s. The Ad Council has been one of the leading producers of public service advertisements (PSAs) in the United States since 1942, and has been addressing critical social issues for generations of Americans.)