cougars in the g&m

I hate this trend, now a very definite fact of life, and this article in the Globe and Mail will really help to make it even more mainstream than it already was.

Cougar – a woman in her 40s or 50s who happily embraces the idea of having a romantic relationship with a younger man, who is termed a cub.

What’s my problem?

Two fold.

One. A growing chunk of my target demographic, 50-55 year old women, are more interested in 30-45 year old men.

Two. I am now in the target demographic for 60+ year old cougars (actually called “panthers”), and as I explained to one the other day, I am not attracted to an “older woman”.

Here is a good quote from the G&M article.

Women like younger men because they’re energetic, idealistic, not self-absorbed and haven’t “let themselves go” physically …

Well, I for one 50-something guy am still very energetic. I am not self-absorbed, and have kept myself in good physical condition. Okay, I fail on one; I am not idealistic. AND, unlike one guy who commented on the G&M article, I am still very much a romantic who believes in doing the “little things” to keep a relationship fresh and exciting.

Now, if you are a gal who loves the downtown nightlife, then go for it. I prefer getting out into nature rather than helping close a place down at last call.

If, on the other hand, you are about 50, like the simpler things in life, and want to meet a romantic guy who is 55+, leave your name and contact info in the comment section of this blog. I am available.