Customers :-(

I was making a small purchase at a convenience store associated with a gas station. The young man in front of me walked up to pay for his gas, and also ordered a pack of smokes. As required by the law in these parts, the cashier asked to see ID. The young customer, with obvious frustration (or perhaps anger) in his voice, replied that he did not have any with him, and if that clerk would not sell him the smokes, he’d just go get them somewhere else.

(1) The clerk had no choice. The law here is allowed to bait stores, and just last month I saw a store get a $300 ticket for selling to a minor who appeared old enough. The clerk could probably lose his job.

(2) The customer knows the drill. How can he expect the clerk to take chances? If you really are over the legal limit, then carry ID with you, as you know you will be asked.

My eldest works retail full time and she can tell me story after story of rude customers who treat store clerks (who often make minimum wage) like slaves. The least we can do is treat the clerks kindly. After all, they don’t make the rules.

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