Dash Cams

There have already been articles in the newspapers about how a dash cam has helped an innocent person prove their innocence against another driver. One case in particular is burned into my memory. Perp backed up on purpose on 401 when traffic was at a standstill. Then they got out of vehicle grimacing in pain (fake) and holding their neck, asking the driver behind them why they rear ended them.

dash camCop shows up and the 2nd driver shows cop the video from a dash cam. The perp tried to back up his story. Too late. Busted.

Fast forward several years. Are dash cams about to become standard on all cars, recording data for use by police and insurance companies?

That is the suggestion is this article.

What about Grandpa Richard? Yep, dash cam in place, recording about 90 minutes of video before erasing oldest 5 minute chunk and recording a new one.