Dental Care Is Not Cheap

I read in the newspaper that there is a push to have a national pharmacare system. The article told me that Canada is the only country that has a national healthcare system, and yet does not have a national pharmacare system to match. Furthermore, one in 10 people in Canada cannot afford their prescription drugs. My question would be “How many people in Canada cannot afford their dental care?”. My guess would be it is more than one in 10.

I believe there are programs that help lower income families with dental care for their children. Is there something like that for adults? I also believe that if you are on welfare you can qualify for some dental help. Lower income people who work get nothing. When you’re making only 11 bucks an hour, or whatever the minimums are in Canada today, it’s pretty hard to pay for even a dental checkup, let alone cavity work.

I will be honest with my readers. It is hard for me to afford prescriptions or dental work. Whether there are systems to help me once I turn 65 I do not know. I am pretty sure there is help with prescriptions, but not so sure about the dental side. My memory tells me that even a simple trip to the dentist exceeds $200 and as soon as you need cavities filled … well.

Perhaps we need to reconsider what is more important to lower income Canadians. A pharmacare system or dental care system.

And that is what Grandpa Richard Speaks today.

pharmacare vs dental care

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