Do unto others …

A number of examples came to light this weekend, of people not thinking much about those around them.

(1) A neighbour in the apartment building went to move his laundry from washer to dryer, only to find that someone had lifted the lid of the washer and not put it back down. The washer was still full of water, and his clothes were, of course, waterlogged. Why they did it we don’t know. Did they open the wrong washer and then when they realized it were repulsed by the thought of touching someone else’s clothes, and so did not shut the lid?

(2) As I was pulling into the parking lot at the grocery store, the couple in front of me stopped in the middle of the “road” and were discussing something. I could not get past them easily because they were at an angle. Why they could not have moved forward a car length into an empty parking spot was beyond me. I patiently waited for a bit and then honked my horn. They still did not move. I finally backed up and went a different way.

(3) While shopping, I was blocked more than once by people who would leave their carts in the middle of an aisle as they went off looking for a food item. Then, when you move their cart to the side so you can pass them, they give you this look!

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  1. Great site. I’m so glad I stumbled onto it through yahoo Going to definitely need to add another one to the old bookmark list