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If you have been a regular here at GRS, then you know that BPA is one of those chemicals that mankind created for convenience, that is now considered dangerous to our health. Grandpa Richard considers that a very common theme, especially in our modern high tech world. Create something that saves us time or money, only to find out it impacts our health in a negative way.

Anyhow. Much of society now considers BPA one of our improvements that backfired and we want to rid our homes of products made from it. As an example, we want BPA free drinking containers, and flock to products that companies advertise as being BPA free.

In walks Sigg, a Swiss based maker of water bottles. Their popularity increased as people started rejecting plastic water bottles that researchers claimed leached BPA. Then came news that even though the bottle was all metal, it still had traces of BPA, news that Sigg initially seemed to deny, but eventually admitted. According to the article in The Star, Sigg never claimed BPA free, but they did claim they were free from leaching. What! That claim is an old one that scientists have proven over and over is not 100% true, so why try.

As to the “traces of BPA” bottles, places like local Toronto store The Big Carrot pulled all their Sigg bottles off the shelf.

Sigg now claims that they have modified their manufacturing process so that their bottles are truly BPA free.

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  1. Linda N says:

    I recently bought a BPA-free bottle at Walmart, the manufacturer being from the US. Now I have to check to see if it is truly BPA-free. I should not have to take the time to do this!