Does Your 911 Work?

Very interesting series of articles in the Globe and Mail newspaper about the 911 system in Canada. I no longer feel as safe as I did.


In over 90% of the United States, the 911 centres can use cell tower triangulation techniques (that you see in TV shows and movies regularly) to locate a cell phone. In Canada that figure is 0%. The technologies in use are 10 years old, and a major player in that niche is a Canadian based manufacturer.

In Canada, internet phone companies have been ignoring certain parts of the regulations governing 911 service. The CRTC was not doing spot checks.

Does your phone company charge you a small 911 fee on your phone bill? My Bell cell phone plan includes a 75 cent a month charge. Would you like to guess how much of that goes to actual 911 costs? The Globe and Mail estimates a dime.

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