Don’t Look Back

“No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service …”

The above quote is from the Bible; Luke 9 verse 62. If you rarely see the inside of a church or the Bible you need to notice the truth in the above statement. Not as it pertains to the life of a person of Faith, but as it pertains to normal everyday life.

If you want to walk a straight line you don’t look back. You only look forward.

When I was letting my daughter Stephanie learn to drive, we had a little incident that shows what happens when you stop looking forward. Stephanie was driving down a street near our place when we passed her boyfriend. We both turned to wave at him. That was a serious mistake. For both of us. Yes, it was okay for me to wave, but I should have been helping Stephanie keep on track with her driving. As she turned to wave at Jeff, the car slowly started to go in the same direction. The first indication I had of this was the feeling of the car mounting the curb. Fortunately, my quick reaction stopped us from running into any signs or hydro poles.

It’s not just driving either. What are your goals, aspirations, dreams, etc? If you “look” to the side, or back, you may never get to the destination you truly want.

Don’t look back.