Duh! And to think that I’m a Computer Pro

I own a Samsung Galaxy S smart phone. I love it. I use it as a phone, text messenger, email send/receive, web surfing, photo and video display, alarm, calendar, and more.

I do a little photo and video work on the side, and have used my phone to show potential clients samples of my work.

galaxy-s smart phoneSadly, my ability to surf the web stopped working last Friday. I checked and discovered that my bill was a bit overdue. Seemed strange though that all the other features still worked. So, I paid the bill.

Now it is Wednesday, and it was still not working. I phoned support and got a really friendly lady on the phone. She checked my account and all was proper. Bill paid, and no bad marks. She suggested a battery reset, which involved taking the battery out of the phone for a minute.

OK. A hard reset.


I’m a computer guy. I understand hard resets.

My brain starts pondering life, and asks me a question.

“When was the last time my phone was turned off?”

The answer came back, “About 2 weeks ago.”

Ever heard me preach about how you should not leave a home computer running constantly? Smart phones have small computers in them.


One Comment

  1. Stephanie says:

    I guess I should remember that if I EVER can get my smart phone. My current phone is NEVER off 😛