Elementary Teacher’s Pay

The elementary teachers in Ontario have seemingly rejected the nice 12% (over 4 years) deal that they were offered. That offer has been withdrawn and the education minister is now offering 4% over 2 years. Wow!

On their behalf, the teacher’s union says it was not about wages, but about funding, and other non-wage issues.

What do you think?

What I would need to know, amongst other things, before making a judgement call myself, is what are current salaries. I spent about 10 minutes researching but fresh data did not pop up. Secondary school teachers accepted 12% over 4 years and the article said that would put the top end at about $94,000 a year. Top end usually means a teacher with an advanced degree, or similar. Your standard 4 year grad would not make that much unless that went back to school and earned additional credits.

Considering that high end administration people in the provincial government offices (who may not even have any university at all) can earn close to $90,000 does not make the teacher’s salaries seem so out of line (by themselves, at least). On the other hand, what does the average cop with 12-15 years of experience make? Or firefighters? Considering the higher danger levels, etc, if they make less than that same $90,000 what gives? A cop/firefighter making the same as a secretary?

(sorry, slip of the tongue on that secretary thing; should have said Executive Assistant; hey, if you have read my About page you knew I was not PC, so quiet down!)