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The press has been telling me that there is a LOT of upward pressure on food prices. In some cases I have noticed the changes.

There is one change that I consider insidious. Really ticks me off.

Make the product a bit smaller and keep the price the same.

One example.

I am a big fan of frozen juices. Especially Five Alive citrus ones. Here in Canada the common size of a unit of frozen juice is 341 ml (about 11.5 US fluid ounces) or 355 ml. What size do the ones in your country come in?

I noticed during shopping this weekend that most of them are now 295 ml (about 10 US fluid ounces). The price was announced as “Was $1.49, special $0.89”. About 6 months ago the 341 size were on sale regularly for $0.89 or $0.99.

Have to wait and see what the “normal” price is for a 295.

Now, when I mix one of the new ones it looks strange as it does not fill my juice container the same way. In fact, with the one juice container we own we are used to just filling it to a certain part of the container. That will now lead to diluted juice.

Some of my friends and co-workers feel that this is just a way that the food companies use to hide higher prices. My girlfriend commented on how, in her experience, the price of cheese has stayed the same, but the size of the package has decreased.

I have even had some people comment to me that some cereals still come in the same size of box, but there is less cereal inside.

I personally would rather “bite the bullet” and pay the appropriate higher price for the same size. The change in sizing messes up my menu planning. One package is too small and 2 are too big. Give me back the traditional sizes.

What are your thoughts? What products have you noticed a decrease in size, but the same price?

Sweet-n-Sour Patch
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  1. Steph says:

    I have been noticing this a lot as well. I would rather the increase in price was right in my face, not hidden by reducing the size of the package. If I do not notice right away and I buy based on how much I generally use in a month I may run out before the month is over but have no money left to replace it.

  2. I totally agree w you Richard!! Cheese blocks used to be 600 grams and Paul and I noticed that they went down to 500 gr.
    Here’s another thing that gets my goat!!! Companies that advertise – organic or gluten free or even “healthy” and then they put all kinds of cra_p into the “supposedly healthy” food. Here’s a few examples: Gluten free bread – people think ” Oh it must be good for me since I want to avoid gluten”. Read the label!! Often the bread is loaded w sugar, bad fat, and cheap flours like white rice and corn!! Bad, unethical and greedy!!! – the company who made the bread, that is.
    1 more example. Organic cookies and/or other baked goods – once again, read the label!! It may be organic, but who cares if the 1st ingredient is white flour, 2nd ingredient -sugar, and so on! I am so bothered by the greed and lack of concern on these companies’ parts!! Its a buyer beware market and we must take responsibility for our health and our hard earned dollars. The manufacturers sure aren’t. In my books, we are our brothers’ keeper!
    Thanks for allowing me to express myself Richard. I hope I have helped some people!

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