Forks vs. Spoons

Have I ever told you that I dislike forks?

Harder to clean than spoons.

But there is more insidious reason.

I hate making decisions. And forks remind me of decisions. As in, forks in the road. Which one to take?

I went for a walk today. Needed some cinnamon, and there are 2 Bulk Barns that I can walk to. The one at The Centre on Barton is 3.9 km away. The one near Eastgate is 4.4 km away. Sounds like an easy decision. BUT. And there is always a “but”. I might want to stop for some groceries, and the one near Eastgate is also near a No Frills and a Freshco. The one near The Centre on Barton is near a Walmart. I am not a big fan of the grocery section at Walmarts.



I stood at the corner of Cochrane and King for at least a full minute. Looking this way and that way. Hoping for “a sign”.

For no real reason I turned toward Eastgate, and put one foot in front of the other for 4.4 km.

(and I never did go to one of the grocery stores!!!)