George Beverly Shea

I know the name George Beverly Shea quite well. I have been a practising Christian since 1975 and I have heard Shea’s voice many times. He is best known as providing vocal services for Billy Graham’s ministry. They met in 1940, when Shea was 31 and Graham was 21.

There are, however, at least two things that I did not know about George.

1 – he was born and raised in Canada
2 – he turned 102 six days ago and is doing quite well

Shea was born Feb. 1, 1909, in Winchester, a small community in Eastern Ontario. The fourth of eight children, Shea’s family moved around several times, including a stay in the United States, but Shea mostly grew up around Ottawa. He now lives in North Carolina.

What a blessing to have someone like George able to live a life for God for so many years.

For more about Shea’s life, read the item at The Star.

Grandpa Richard

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  1. Wow, good ol’ George is still alive and well? That’s simply amazing.

    Thanks for sharing that bit of information. May God continue to use him to bless and minister.

    Best regards,

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