Girl or Boy

In a previous post, Grandpa Richard is quoted as saying, “some people, especially recent immigrants, are choosing abortion based solely on the gender of their unborn child. This is a very sad fact of human existence, and the doctors who see nothing wrong with this”.

Now comes another bit of investigative work by The Toronto Star newspaper suggesting that what I said is very true. Local statistics in certain ethnic communities show that the number of baby girls is lower than the number of baby boys. And the difference is considered statistically significant. The conclusion that we come to is that there are mothers choosing to abort solely on the basis of the gender of their unborn child. It is definitely a cultural thing.

I’d like to hear what the pro-choice people say about this. Do they believe that any reason is a good reason? Is this a valid reason? Kill our future mothers because we do not want to raise a girl!

The article in The Star goes into a lot more detail. I urge you to read it.

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