Happiness Equals Severance and a New Job

Some employees of the Ontario Provincial Government are getting new jobs with the Federal Government, as well as severance for losing their old jobs.

Yes, a blatant case of double-dipping, but do not blame the employees or their union. Blame the government negotiators who gave them such a sweet deal without some additional “but only if”s.

According to the press reports that I read, it was the provincial Conservative party in power when the sweet deal was inked. I am assuming (but could be wrong) that the officials did not think of the possibility of an entire department being transferred to another government agency.

I also read of one possible gotcha for the “new” staff. It’s possible that their seniority against existing federal employees will be lower.

For more details, read the Toronto Star article.

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p.s. see; I am not always anti-union!

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