How are your Powers of Observation?

The recent scam I pulled with the photo from the Hulk 2 movie is a good example of human psychology in action. It also illustrates that your powers of observation are important. The relaxed officer; the crowd barrier but no firemen; etc.

Here is another example.

I had to rent a vehicle for work related purposes. I had the vehicle for 4 days and drove about 1,000 km. I returned the vehicle after hours and so had to go in the next day to pick up the invoice.

There had been a mix up in the rental firm’s records which indicated that the vehicle had been returned about 24 hours after I rented it. It also indicated that I had driven it about 2,800 km. (there were 2 identical vehicles with almost identical plate numbers; an employee typed in the wrong plate #)

Did you catch that? 2,800 km in 24 hours? Now that’s a good trick.

It seems that neither the company’s computer system, nor the employee involved caught this obvious error.

Exercise your powers of observation. You will get better at it.