Hyundai vs. Toyota and Honda

“Hyundai has put Toyota and Honda in the crosshairs as it vows to become the world’s top maker of fuel-efficient vehicles.” A quote from a Globe and Mail online article.

I have owned 4 vehicles. My first was a used Honda Civic 1300, with 5 speed manual transmission. Got over 50 miles to the gallon on the highway, which was awesome back in 1981. Not sure what it got in city driving.

Next was a Voyager mini-van, which was great for kids but not as good on gas, even though it was a 4 cylinder. That was followed by a Ford Taurus. I loved the extra power of a 6, but gas on the highway was only 30 something.

My 4th was another Honda Civic. Another 4 banger, but auto this time. I never took the time to check mileage.

Looks like I am a Honda fan. It is true. However, my favourite car rental place (I have no car of my own right now) was big into Hyundai for a while, and I liked them. I am 183 cm tall (6’0″) and yet the Hyundai felt good and gave me almost no “over-the-shoulder” blind spots.

My next car may well be a “green” Hyundai.