I See You

If you recognized the movie based on that quote in the post title, good for you.

Avatar. I finally got to see it. AND, in 3D.

avatarA friend and I had planned on seeing the iMax version, but that was pre-sold for the entire evening. Boo! So we saw the 3D version. Since it was Tuesday, we got free drinks and popcorn as well.

I have never seen a 3D movie, and it was VERY cool. If you had been there at the start, you would have seen me playing with the glasses, putting them on, taking them off. Over and over. I am not familiar with the technology and I was trying to figure out how they did it.


Awesome movie and I did not even notice that it was 162 minutes long.

p.s. Its appeal should cross lines nicely. Serious Animation, Science Fiction, and a Love Story to boot.

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