Internet Throttling

Should Internet usage in Canada be all you want at a low low price? Or, should the suppliers be allowed to cap speeds and volumes?

Obviously, consumers want truly unlimited volumes (bandwidth), at maximum speeds. And all for some ridiculously low cost. To this Grandpa, that is unrealistic. The every increasing demands of today’s society, now that we have computers and tablets and phones all moving info on the info highway, requires an infrastructure. That infrastructure (cables, routers, etc) costs money, and with new faster technologies being created continuously (like 2G, 3G, and now 4G) the equipment needs to be upgraded regularly.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that Bell and Rogers have it too nice in some ways, but I think that many consumers want more than is reasonable.

In any case, back to throttling.

It became apparent some time ago that some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) were slowing down certain types of traffic. Things like peer-to-peer services, and online gaming services. Bell claims they will stop soon.

Any comments?

Roseman: Bell will stop Internet throttling
Bell is pulling back its Internet traffic management — a controversial practice known as throttling — on March 1 of next year. In a letter to the CRTC obtained by Open Media, Bell said it has made “extensive investments” in additional network …

One Comment

  1. Stephanie says:

    I do not know much about the infrastructure issues but I imagine that our usage is climbing faster than the infrastructure can keep up. So I imagine that Bell (and others) were slowing some services down so that the whole system was not slow. But I am happy to hear that this should soon stop.

    I also agree that consumers often expect more than is reasonable. No matter what they are consuming. Having worked in retail for over half my life I have witnessed this first hand. Often.