Grandpa Richard has almost always had a good appetite, and eats almost anything and everything. If there were leftovers from supper, then someone could just put them in the fridge and I would happily have them the next day.

My desire to not waste food got me into trouble from time to time.

For example. After watching my family waste expensive restaurant food numerous times, I tried a new method. I would let everyone order what they wanted. I would only order a small appetizer. My main course would then be everyone else’s leftovers.

The first time I did this … boy did I get in trouble when we got to the car. “But dear, I just saved us $12.95 towards something else on your list.” That did not appease the wife!

What do you think?


  1. VS says:

    don’t try that with everyone….you may end up starving yourself.

  2. GrandpaRichard says:

    VS: understood, but believe me, with my family, there could be leftovers even after I was done.