Life on the Street

It was about 7pm and still quite light outside. I was walking home from a grocery store, along one of the main streets in Hamilton, when a red light temporarily stopped me. A young lady standing nearby smoking walked over and asked me for the time. I showed her my empty wrist, explaining that my skin feels like it is crawling whenever I wear a watch or any rings or wristband items.

She then proceeded to ask me “Do you needed anything?” My initial response was “What?” She repeated her question and I waved her off just as the light changed green and I walked away.

I had just been propositioned!!!

Some would say that this lady’s business is the oldest profession in the world. That may be, but in today’s world filled with HIV and other STDs, I say find a new profession while you are still young and healthy.


  1. Jess says:

    Oh my goodness!!!

    Not when there’s still light outside!!!
    You’re not the first I’ve heard to be propositioned… hahaha… my girl friend lives in a bad neighbourhood and whenever guy friends comes pick her up in a car… girls randomly go up to them sometimes hahaha… it’s hilarious though

  2. VS says:

    too funny.