Minimum Wage

I read an interesting comment about minimum wages, specifically in regard to the hospitality industry. Tips are common place in this industry, and so those of you that feel that $8 an hour (or whatever the minimum is where you live) is too low a wage to live on are missing a HUGE part of the picture. One quoted restauranteur said that his good servers make $15 an hour in tips. He, and many of his competitors, are pushing governments to institute a 2 tier system. Employees in industries where tips are common place would qualify for a lower minimum wage.

On the other side are union types who say that everyone should be able to earn a “living” wage. Can you imagine the cost of a Big Mac if fast food employees made $40 grand a year?

One Comment

  1. Jess says:

    I thought waiters are not affected by this min. wage increase

    another argument against increasing min wage is timing. Ontario is not economically ready, with higher CAD and all the stuff that’s going aorund in the world… i don’t know i don’t pay attention to these things