Mommy, what’s naughty sex?

There are groups of parents that want their local grocery stores to set aside at least one checkout aisle that is free of sexually explicit magazine covers. Many children in early school grades are in line with their moms and practicing their new skills by reading the article titles from magazine covers that they see.

On the other hand are people who say we should not censor; after all it is a free country. I always have trouble understanding the logic that free-speechers use. Do they ever consider the prude’s right to go about their daily life without having to walk around with blinders on. There are often 2 sides to “rights” issues.

Let’s face it, Cosmo may be light fare for an adult, but do you really want your 7 or 8 year old discussing the topics they read on the front cover?

How about larger stores having not only their express lanes, but also a couple of family friendly lanes. Those ones could have magazines aimed at the younger crowd, so the store still potentially gains “Mommy I want that” sales!!


  1. mom of 5 year old says:

    Funny you should say something about this because only a week ago I had to explain to my daughter and her school friend that sex is not a word that should be used by 5 year olds as these two had come up with the notion that kissing is having sex not exactly sure where that came from but they got it somewhere it was quite an interesting situation so never the less we have realized that as the days go by we have to be more and more carefull as to what is watched and listened to around her and the funny thing about it is that no matter what changes we make she’ll probably know all about the birds and the bees by grade 3/4 which is a little sad cause I had no idea untill quite some time later but it is the way the world is going for some reason.

  2. GrandpaRichard says:

    “but it is the way the world is going”
    Interesting comment by this mom. Some (many) in our society say this is fine, and good, but I say it is a loss of a part of one’s childhood, and that too, sadly, is the way that the world is going, it seems.