net neutrality

Should internet providers be allowed to “manage” the flow of data on the internet? Their normal excuse is that 1% of their customers use so much bandwidth that other customers notice a slowdown in their use.

Well, a Dutch provider is doing it. (see this story for more details)

Major Dutch cable provider UPC has introduced a new network management system which, from noon to midnight, caps some types of services at 1/3rd of their nominal bandwidth. Most HTTP services (that is you and I surfing regular sites) are left alone, although some destinations known to hog bandwidth are affected. None HTTP services are all throttled. Thus, your neighbour’s multiple movie downloads go at 1/3 speed.

Grandpa Richard is okay with this, although I do not understand why more providers just don’t go for a volume pricing scheme. Your first several GB a month are included in the base price, but use beyond that costs you extra. Then use the extra money to add more volume handling capability.