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Kindle, iPad, and more. This market is starting to grow nicely. It still does not have my perfect device. At least I do not think it does.

I want one that can display/play computer files in the following formats


As far as I know, the only really portable thing that can do all of those is a small laptop or netbook. My experience with those beasts is that the batteries suck within 1/2 a year and are too expensive to keep replacing.

Gadgets like the Kindle or iPad seem to have great battery life, but cannot play all of the above.

Sigh! I must wait patiently. Or, I must convert all my flv (an extensive collection) to mp4 as some of the gadgets can play those.

As to price … if I am willing to do conversions, a Sony PSP might be a good deal, especially as there are lots of good ones in the used market.

However, I digress. The title of this blog post is “Newest e-Reader”. Weighing in at close to half the price of a Kindle is the new Kobo. Better yet, it is Canadian!!!

The Kobo only displays books. No music. No video. Just books. In 3 formats: ePub, PDF, Adobe DRM. It has a 15 cm diagonal screen, allows a choice between serif or sans-serif fonts, has 5 font sizes, 1 GB built in memory, ability to use SD cards (up to 4GB), and comes with 100 books to start you off. You can load the books via special software, or manually via a file manager. About $150 and available online or at Indigo, Chapters, and some Coles stores.

If I were in the market for an e-reader, I would probably get this one.

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  1. Steph says:

    And Chapters is giving away one a day right now. Not sure till when though, haven’t looked into it fully as I do not like reading books on a screen.

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