One More Step

A co-worker (MLR for purposes of this posting) is moving to another position and there was a cake and coffee get-together for her the other day. The cake had a clown theme, relating to MLR’s outfit last halloween. A number of people showed up. They drank the coffee and ate pieces of cake. The guest of honour arranged to have the clown portion of the cake saved for her to take home.

Later that day as I was passing by, I noticed that there was still some cake left, so I had another piece. MLR happened by and seemed surprised the cake was not all gone yet. I pointed to the cake, which still had a few slices left. Just out of MLR’s sight was the clown piece, and she seemed concerned that it was gone. I assured her it was not and encouraged her to take one step forward. She saw the piece sitting there, off to one side, awaiting her departure, and, satisfied, went back to her rushed last-day mode.

This is not really a story of cake and coffee and clowns and halloween and co-workers. This is a story of how we often need to take one more step. If we do, we may see things that will encourage us, or strengthen us, or make us feel safe and assured. And you know I am not talking about things. I am talking about the big battle that many of us fight. The battle with our mind. It can hold us back, stop us from succeeding, from growing.

Are you standing in a place where you cannot see around the next corner in your life?

One more step may be all it takes. Take it.