Oral Sex Is the New Goodnight Kiss

[warning: some readers may find the following graphic talk about sex disturbing. In that case, switch sites now.]

“Oral Sex Is the New Goodnight Kiss” is a new book by Sharlene Azam that will probably both shock you and open your eyes.

We are not talking traditional prostitution here. We are talking high school girls (and some even younger) making a few “easy” bucks for a trip to the mall. Not in some seedy motel room, but right in the school washroom.

There were several quotes from the Globe and Mail article that really stood out for me.

How is it affecting intimacy later on in their lives? This is going to be a huge problem. Right now, they’re just too young to reflect on what it means to be in a bathroom giving oral sex to four or five boys.

How do the guys fit in? Parents have a responsibility to teach boys not to use girls. But how do you do that?

All of the girls talk about feeling ’empowered’ by male attention, however dubious or short-lived it was. For example, Heather talks about experiencing ‘personal power’ when she made men ‘make noises’ during oral sex.

And why are the girls getting involved in this way? “You describe ‘luxury fever’ as something that compels these girls to prostitute themselves. They all feel this pressure to be able to go to the mall and buy something. Brands are so important now. It matters that you have money to burn.


Canadian Amazon version is here.

U.S. Amazon version is here.

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    that’s disgusting… it’s weird.. kids nowadays face so much pressure and they’re forced to grow up too fast and not realizing what it is that they’re doing

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