Order of Canada Sparks Debate

The divisive debate about abortion rights in Canada is poised to erupt once again as Henry Morgentaler, the country’s best-known abortion-rights crusader, is expected to be named to the Order of Canada.

As one writer put it, “This is a pretty divisive issue. I think we can all agree on that. So why would we have the highest honour in the country being issued when there is obviously strong difference of opinion about it?”

Another said, “As Canadians we would like to see the Order of Canada given to people whose contributions to such initiatives as charity, education, culture, the environment, things of that kind that are uniformly viewed as positive and tend to unite people,” she said. “With this choice, the one thing that everybody really agrees on about Morgentaler is that he is a very divisive figure.”

Grandpa Richard’s view? Abortion as a method of birth control is wrong. I believe that life begins at conception, not birth. I personally know children who are happy and healthy, despite being born 3 months premature. Some people feel that it would have been okay to abort that same child minutes before that premature birth. Awarding such a honour to a person who sparks heated debate is not a good idea.

I normally avoid such “hot” topics, but had to speak out on this one.

This is, after all, Grandpa Richard Speaks, and Grandpa Richard is not always politically correct.

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