organic stuff

I decided to buy a 2 litre of organic soy beverage today. Then I read the label.

  • filtered water
  • organic whole soybeans

That was a good start. What came next had me wondering.

  • tricalcium phosphate

OK. What is that? Wikipedia says “It is also used as a nutritional supplement. There is some debate about the different bioavailabilities of the different calcium salts.”

Ah, that allows them to say my beverage is high in calcium. Bioavailabilities means that if they put 100 units of the stuff in my drink, my body may only be able to utilize 60 units of it to maintain healthy bones and teeth.


  • organic flavour
  • carrageenan

It is nice to know that the flavouring is organic, but it would also be nice to know what exactly they used.

Carrageenan? Back to Wikipedia. “A family of linear sulphated polysaccharides extracted from red seaweeds.” Huh? Seaweed I understand, but what is that other stuff all about. Wikipedia goes on to say that it is “used to thicken skim milk, in an attempt to emulate the consistency of whole milk. Used in some brands of Soy Milk.” Wikipedia also suggests that there are suspected health concerns with the use of carrageenans. Oh-oh!

We are not done yet.

  • sodium bicarbonate (aka. baking soda)

I am unsure why the baking soda. What I can say is that all the recipes for home-made soy milk have baking soda as one of the ingredients.

The rest of the list consisted of vitamins and other common supplements. This allows them to say “fortified”.