Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Payday Loans – A Growth Industry

Amazing, and sad, how the payday loan industry has grown. Its main clients come from the lower income demographics.

Payday Loan Outlets in the United States

Correct matching is 1-B 2-C 3-A 4-D.

Considering that Payday Loans are only allowed in 36 of the 50 States, and using a simple ratio, the number of Payday Loan Outlets could be 27,000 if they were allowed in all States.

“Lenders, including major credit companies as well as payday lenders, have taken over the traditional role of the street-corner loan shark, charging the poor insanely high rates of interest.” Barbara Ehrenreich

The Cost of Becoming Mayor

I read somewhere that candidates for mayor of Hamilton are allowed to fund raise, and spend, about $300,000 in their bid to get the job.

$300K !!!!!!

And, where does all that money come from? In some cases, corporations and unions.

Now, if I were a corporation or union, and I was helping someone become mayor by donating a bunch of money, I might want that new mayor to help push MY agenda.

To me, the agenda that a corporation wants followed is not necessarily the agenda that is best for the average citizen of the city, so I have some concerns about this system. Add to that the fact that the people vying for the job do not have to let us all know who helped them, until AFTER election day.

In any case, make sure you vote.

Vote Sign

Calendar Myths

I am pretty sick of the calendar urban myth that keeps getting passed around on Facebook. The one that says, “This only happens once every 823 years.”


Think about it.

A calendar year only has 7 possible starting days. January 1 can be a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. That’s it.

Now, if (as in 2014) January 1 is a Wednesday, then August 1 will be on a Friday, and since August has 31 days, we will end up with 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays in August. This will be true in every year that has January 1 on a Wednesday. Since a year has 365 days (which is 52×7 + 1), each year moves January 1 ahead one. Thus, if 2014 starts on a Wednesday, then 2015 will start on a Thursday, etc. In a perfect world this means that every 7 years would have an August with 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays.

Most of you are already pointing out a flaw in my logic. Leap years. Yes, that does mess us up by pushing the following January ahead 2 days. Let’s create a list.

Starting days of the year.

2014 – Wednesday
2015 – Thursday
2016 – Friday
2017 – Sunday
2018 – Monday
2019 – Tuesday
2020 – Wednesday
2021 – Friday
2022 – Saturday
2023 – Sunday
2024 – Monday
2025 – Wednesday

Aha. 2020 starts on a Wednesday. Yes, but August 1 is a Saturday that year because February has 29 days, which pushes all days after it ahead 2 instead of 1. Thus the next August with this awesome 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combo will be in 2025. Not 823 years from now.

Not everything you read online is true. Do a little research before blindly sharing junk like this 823 year thing.

p.s. # 1
There are only 14 possible layouts for an entire year, since January 1 has only 7 possible starts, and the year is either a leap year or a non-leap year.

p.s. # 2
2015 will have a 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combo in May

p.s. # 3
a non-leap year that starts on a …
Sunday will have a 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combo in December
Monday NOT have any 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combos !!!
Tuesday will have a 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combo in March
Wednesday will have a 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combo in August
Thursday will have a 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combo in May
Friday will have a 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combo in January and October
Saturday will have a 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combo in July

p.s. # 4
a leap year that starts on a …
Sunday will NOT have any 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combos !!!
Monday will have a 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combo in March
Tuesday will have a 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combo in August
Wednesday will have a 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combo in May
Thursday will have a 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combo in October
Friday will have a 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combo in both January and July
Saturday will have a 5 Friday/Saturday/Sunday combo in December

p.s. # 5
starting day of a year and leap or not
Jan 1, 2014 Wed non-leap
Jan 1, 2015 Thu non-leap
Jan 1, 2016 Fri leap
Jan 1, 2017 Sun non-leap
Jan 1, 2018 Mon non-leap
Jan 1, 2019 Tue non-leap
Jan 1, 2020 Wed leap
Jan 1, 2021 Fri non-leap
Jan 1, 2022 Sat non-leap
Jan 1, 2023 Sun non-leap
Jan 1, 2024 Mon leap
Jan 1, 2025 Wed non-leap
Jan 1, 2026 Thu non-leap
Jan 1, 2027 Fri non-leap
Jan 1, 2028 Sat leap
Jan 1, 2029 Mon non-leap
Jan 1, 2030 Tue non-leap
Jan 1, 2031 Wed non-leap
Jan 1, 2032 Thu leap
Jan 1, 2033 Sat non-leap
Jan 1, 2034 Sun non-leap
Jan 1, 2035 Mon non-leap
Jan 1, 2036 Tue leap

2014 calendar

Back to School – Sadness or Joy?

I have read various posts by mothers about the sadness they feel after having their children home all summer. Here is my comment to all those mothers.

I loved my 3 children and loved having them around all summer. But back to school meant they were growing up. Maturing. Getting closer to independence.

Now that the girls are married and parents themselves I am having a blast interacting with them as adults. Watching them with their children.

Back to School time? Don’t hate it. Rejoice in it. It is part of the circle of life.


Back to School – 2013 Edition

I feel for all the mothers out there, as they watch their college and university age children take off for campus.

Nah … On second thought, I don’t.

We all gotta grow up and moms everywhere have to get those apron strings off us and release us in the wild. You moms have done an awesome job, and now it is time for nature to take over. My first year of University saw me at school in early September, and not home again until Christmas. Then January until end of April. How did my mom survive it? I will never know.

My mom was typical.

She taught me to pee and poo the correct way. She taught me to add and subtract. She taught me my P’s and Q’s, and she taught me a whole lot of other very useful things. I thank her for that. I think she did a fantastic job and, ignoring my sometimes weird personality, I turned out fine. I didn’t even break any bones, or drown, or anything else really bad like that.

But when the time came, she had to let me go.

I very clearly remember my first serious out-of-home experience. We all wonder about those. Others had gone before us and we listened as they shared about the bright lights … wait; I am getting my stories mixed up.

LandscapeIt was my first multi-week scout camp. Two weeks away from mom. It was glorious. Ya, sure, I was happy to be going home. That is, until the incident.

Tom’s dad was picking several of us up at camp and dropping us off at our homes. It was a beautiful weekend day as we drove up to my family’s homestead, and mom and dad were both in the front yard doing garden work. As we drove up and stopped at the curb (well, edge of the ditch out front) I saw my mom’s look of, “Who is that?”, as she did not recognize the car. Next thing I know, she realizes it is me getting out and starts running, exclaiming, “Oh. my baby is home!”

I jumped back in and yelled at Tom’s dad to get me out of there.

Mothers !!!

Grandpa Richard

Do the Young Rip Off the Old

I am chalking this up to coincidence, but I have been shortchanged twice in the last 2 weeks. At least, twice that I know of. (in both cases I was compensated)

Case # 1

I purchased a pass for a service. I requested a $50 pass and then offered to pay by debit card. The employee asked me to confirm the $50 request, and the debit machine confirmed that amount. I completed the transaction, and as is normal, received two receipts; one for the debit and one for the pass. As I walked away and was about to stuff the receipts in my wallet, my subconscious suggested I look closer at the 2 receipts. The debit one said $50, but the one for the pass said $40. I was short changed $10.

thiefI got back in line at the counter and presented my evidence. The young client rep verified the difference and commented that the machine must have screwed up. I was asked if I wanted a $10 pass adjustment or cash.

Case # 2

I purchased $9.48 worth of goods at a very well known retail store and handed the cashier a $20. They handed me back a receipt for $9.48 and a $5 bill and 2 quarters. I started to turn to walk away and then that subconscious clicked in again. I stopped my turn and showed the clerk the change and pointed to the screen which still showed the $10.50 they owed me as change. In this case, the clerk had been quite friendly and talkative, and I know that that can cause a customer to lose concentration on the facts of the transaction.


I did not accuse either person of any negative objectives, but it sure crossed my mind. I would bet good money that people are ripped off by retail clerks. The question is – how often?

As for me … I have vowed to start checking change more carefully, even if it means holding up a line.

Grandpa Richard