Short-Sighted Stupidity

I love this quote from Eric Sager, professor of history at the University of Victoria. It is in regards to the 2006 Canadian census. Let me know what you think.

“The problem is that we have now denied to our descendants the same right to history that we grant ourselves. For 44 per cent of Canadians, information from the 2006 census will not be available in 2098. Why? Because, in complying with an act of Parliament in 2005, Statistics Canada included in the 2006 census a question asking whether respondents would consent to public release of their personal information after 92 years. Just 56 per cent of Canadians agreed.”

“I will not be alive in 2098 to see what happens if we fail to strike an appropriate balance between this common good and the confidentiality of personal information. But if we fail, I will hear very clearly the distant voices of my great-grandchildren when they accuse us of hypocrisy and short-sighted stupidity.”

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