So Close!

Do you play lotteries?

I rarely play them on my own, but I do join groups at work. In fact, I was elected to be group captain of a group of lotteries players. We pay $10 per person per month and play 3 a week. 6/49 on Wed and Sat, and Lotto Max on Fri.

Last Friday a group that works less than 2 km from us won $50M. When I heard, I was happy to hear it was a group ($50M is too much for one person or couple) and I wondered where they bought their ticket. A day or two later I heard stories that it was from the same ticket retailer as I use.

Sure enough, when I purchased a bunch of tickets today, the staff were all excited to tell me that when the lottery headquarters contacted them and told them when the ticket was purchased, they wondered if it was me, as they remembered that I had been in there about the same time. They reviewed their security camera tapes and not only saw the winner buying the winning quick pick, but also saw me buying our quick picks a mere 15 minutes earlier.

So Close.


  1. Jim Killey says:

    Wow! To think that my big brother might have been able to finally get out of the rat race and of course take me with him. LOL.

    How much would have went into your pocket?


    [GR responds: 10 people in the group = $5M each]

  2. Dominic says:

    Geographical and temporal proximity to the purchase of the winning ticket is irrelevant. You are mathematically no closer to the winning ticket than anyone else. The lotteries are a fools game promulgated by foolish shortsighted government fiscal policies that cost us all far more in the end.

    [GR responds: I agree, but emotions are both illogical and powerful]