Sticky Questions About Spousal Support

WOW! A woman who had been a common law partner to a wealthy businessman in Quebec is suing him for spousal support. $56,000 a month!

It seems that Quebec is the only province that doesn’t afford common-law spouses the same protections as married ones. Thus, it is as if she was never in the relationship, even though 3 children were born into that relationship.

The woman, who split from her ex in 2001 but has shared custody of the children, receives $35,000 a month in child-support payments. But she wants a separate sum of $56,000 a month in spousal support for herself.

Under cross-examination, she admitted to the court that her former partner was paying for a new $2.4-million home for her and their children in upper Outremont, along with $500,000 for her to furnish and fix it up. He was also paying for a cook, two nannies, and the children’s private schooling.

Although the article I read about this does not give complete dates, the facts would suggest that the “marriage” lasted about 12 years.

I believe in spousal support, but $56,000 a MONTH???