Stolen Strollers

Now that people are forking out hundreds of dollars for strollers, they have become a hot commodity for thieves.

The Toronto Star has a story this morning about a couple who saw their stolen stroller advertised on Craig’s List and set up a sting operation. They got their stroller back, but police discourage the technique. Instead, you should get the police involved if you see an ad for what you are sure is your stroller.

A quote in that article suggested to me that these high end strollers have serial numbers. If so, write yours down and keep it in a safe place.

Also, do not get in a habit of leaving your stroller on the front porch while the wheels dry after a walk. If you have to leave it outside unattended, get an appropriate lock and use it. Most thieves look for the easy score and a lock will usually convince them to move on to an easier to take item.

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  1. Steph says:

    My neighbours have two strollers, one single and one double, that they just leave in the back yard. The back yard has no fence and while they don’t have what could be considered really high end strollers replacing the two would cost approx $600.00!